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Our first book is the Guide to Academic and Scientific Publication: How To Get Your Writing Published in Scholarly Journals. Published early in 2014, it provides practical advice on planning, preparing and submitting articles for publication in scholarly journals. Whether you are looking for information on designing an academic or scientific article, constructing a scholarly argument, targeting the right journal, following journal guidelines with precision, providing accurate and complete references, writing correct and elegant scholarly English, communicating with journal editors or revising your paper in light of that communication, you will find guidance, tips and examples in this manual. Focussing on sound scholarly principles and practices as well as the expectations and requirements of academic and scientific journals, this guide is suitable for use in a wide variety of disciplines, including Economics, Engineering, the Humanities, Law, Management, Mathematics, Medicine and the Social, Physical and Biological Sciences . The ebook can be accessed for FREE by clicking on the blue banner with the orange text ‘CLICK HERE’ next to this description. This ebook can be purchased for £12.99 as a print version from Amazon.

On-Screen Proofreading: A Handbook for Editors of Academic and Scientific Articles focuses on the professional on-screen proofreading and editing of scholarly papers. The Handbook provides practical detailed advice on the aspects of academic and scientific articles that tend to be particularly challenging for authors and editors alike. The reader is guided through the process of proofreading an article from managing files, tracking changes and adding comments in Microsoft Word to producing a clean copy ready for publication and returning it to the author. Individual chapters explain the parts of a scholarly article, their importance and their positions in a paper; outline different referencing styles and sound practices for providing complete and accurate references and quotations; discuss language and writing style with information on spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, special fonts, numbers, vocabulary, discipline-specific terminology, jargon, abbreviations, syntax, grammar and sentence and paragraph structure; and examine the effective presentation and placement of headings, tables, figures, lists and appendices. Intended to be both a step-by-step guide to the proofreading process and an informative manual to be consulted as necessary when questions and problems arise, this Handbook will be an indispensible aid to proofreaders working predominantly with digital documents in a wide range of academic and scientific disciplines, including the Social, Physical and Biological Sciences, the Humanities, Medicine, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Law and Management. The ebook can be accessed for FREE by clicking on the blue banner with the orange text ‘CLICK HERE’ next to this description.