Thesis Received

Thank you for sending us your thesis for proofreading!

We can confirm that the thesis file(s) you just sent us have arrived safely at our headquarters and are now being downloaded and processed by our office staff. We will be assessing the content of your thesis to ensure that we achieve a perfect match when we assign one of our specialist proofreaders to your work. We will also be tallying the word count of your thesis to determine the total cost of proofreading, so we will be contacting you shortly with a quotation and payment instructions.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the proofreading process or any additional information about your thesis that may help us do the best job for you.

We look forward to proofreading your thesis and helping you achieve better results.


PhD Thesis Proofreading

PhD students can risk failure if the PhD thesis contains grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Take advantage of our PhD thesis proofreading services to succeed.

Master’s Thesis Proofreading

To avoid failure and its consequences, send your Master’s thesis to us and we will be happy to help you to succeed by proofreading your writing.

Bachelor’s Thesis Proofreading

Our dedicated team of thesis proofreaders will give you more confidence in the writing you submit. Our bachelor’s thesis proofreading services will provide all the necessary corrections.

Scientific Thesis Proofreading

We offer scientific thesis proofreading services across all science fields. Our scientific proofreaders specialise in correcting and perfecting the language, editorial styles and references.

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